Official passports renewed in Vietnam representative agencies abroad




The order of execution ​ ​ ​ ​

Name step Description step
​1. ​​Get Profile ​​
Applications filed at the headquarters of diplomatic missions, consular offices of Vietnam in foreign countries (hereinafter referred to as representative offices).
Time and result records: the working day prescribed by the Agency representatives (except for holidays, holidays under the provisions of the host country and the holidays, New Year’s Day as prescribed by Vietnam ).
​2. ​​Considering settlement Agency representatives receive dossiers, consider and resolve.
​3 ​​Returns results ​​Get live results at the headquarters of the agency in accordance with receipt records.




Ingredients Profile

Ingredients Profile
​1. 01 copies of documents sent abroad or 01 copies of the notice of the decision or the State Department or the management agency news agencies and newspapers of Vietnam state resident abroad on extended duty working period.
​2. Diplomatic passports, official passports expiry under 06 months.
Number of records
Form, declaration form ​ ​




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